Alliance Projects

As the apex organisation for co-operatives globally the Alliance is involved in and leads on some significant business activity including: 

.coop - The single brand that co-operatives can use to highlight their point of difference from investor-led businesses or other types of organisation is using the .coop domain.

Global Development Co-operative – a key global legacy of the co-operative movement from IYC 2012 is the creation of the GDC which aims to support co-operative businesses in developing countries by raising USD 50m to provide access to low cost loans for capital and infrastructure projects, find out more here

World Co-operative Monitor – Building on the success of the bi-annual Global300 reports which demonstrated the scale and impact of co-operatives around the world the Monitor will have a more rigorous methodology and expanded data and indicators, find out more here.
IYC Book – the Alliance’s legacy book for IYC comprising 100 stories of co-operatives from around the world, find out more and order your copy here.  



10 Jul 2019

The President of the International Cooperative Alliance…

12 Jul 2019

The ‘Cooperatives for Development Global Conference’…

  Vanessa Alves F
05 Jul 2019

The Cooperative movement will celebrate its big day…

  Vanessa Alves Ferreira
 International Cooperative Alliance