The Alliance's Committees and Networks

The Alliance has three thematic committees on gender equality, research and co-operative law.

The Alliance also has a Youth Network and Communications Committee. 

Gender Equality Committee

The Gender Equality Committee (ICA GEC) is a thematic committee of the International Co-operative Alliance which promotes equality between women and men and gender integration in the co-operative movement and society. It was formerly known as the Alliance's Global Women's Committee.

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Committee on Co-operative Research

The ICA Committee on Co-operative Research (ICACCR) is a bridge between academic research and the co-operative world. The ICACCR aims to raise awareness of co-operative research, particularly to managers and co-operators so that it can be applied effectively to current co-operative issues. 

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Co-operative Law Committee 

The Alliance's Co-operative Law Committee gives independent advice to the Alliance on co-operative law, broadly defined to include all legal rules that shape the co-operative institution and regulate its operations. 

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Youth Network

The Alliance's Youth Network aims to help young co-operators from different countries to connect, share experiences and ideas, as well as to provide an environment where young co-operators can learn more about the wider co-operative movement. Involving young people from outside the movement through education and support is a key focus of the work of this network. The network also looks to empower young co-operators to engage with the rest of the movement to both raise the profile of youth issues and to ensure the youth perspective is presented during wider discussions.

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Communications Committee

The Alliance's Communications Committee (ICACC) ensures that the co-operative business model is promoted effectively and appropriately to as wide an audience as possible around the world. The Committee works towards building a level of understanding amongst communications professionals in co-operatives globally to encourage them to promote the business model as part of their work. 

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Alliance involvement:

Alliance Committee on Co-operative Research
Alliance Communications Committee
Alliance Gender Equality Committee
Alliance Youth Network
Co-operative Law Committee


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