The Alliance raises awareness about co-operatives.

The Alliance helps individuals, government authorities and regional and international institutions understand the co-operative model of enterprise. It channels specific information to institutions and the media showing the importance of co-operatives to a wide range of economic and social issues.

The Alliance is the voice of the co-operative movement.

The Alliance acts as the custodian of cooperative values and principles around the world. It makes the case for co-operatives as businesses that use a distinctive values-based economic model that put people before profit. It also aims to demonstrate how co-operatives give individuals and communities an instrument of self-help and influence over their development.

The Alliance ensures that the right policy environment exists to enable co-operatives to grow and prosper.

The Alliance helps its members in their lobbying for new legislation and more appropriate administrative procedures that respect the co-operative model, its values and principles. It provides political support as well as technical expertise to enable co-operatives to compete on a level playing field.

The Alliance provides its members with key contacts and information on best practice.

The Alliance facilitates contacts between co-operatives for trading purposes and intelligence sharing in a wide range of areas. It organises meetings, workshops and individual meetings to address key issues affecting co-operatives and allows discussion among co-operators from around the world.

The Alliance provides technical assistance to co-operatives.

Through its development programmes at global and regional levels, The Alliance promotes capacity building, advice and financial support to the co-operative movement globally.