Co-operative Research

Research is a crucial element in generating a greater understanding of the co-operative business model. It contributes to our ability to promote the co-operative advantage, strengthens our co-operative identity and gives co-ops the tools they need to improve their capacity and effectiveness.

Co-operative research is being carried out around the world; in universities and research centres, in national and regional apex organizations, in co-operative federations and within co-operatives themselves. It is inderdisciplinary in nature, encompassing business studies, economics, history, sociology and countless other academic disciplines. Nor is it exclusively the domain of academics: many co-op practioners are also involved in conducting research on everything from co-op structures to member engagement, from co-operative governance to the promotion and marketing of co-operatives. Wherever you find co-ops, you find co-operative researchers. 

Check out the "Research links" section of the CCR website for links to co-operative research centres, educational institutions and organizations involved in co-operative research.


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