Committee on Co-operative Research

Committee Chair Dr. Sonja Novkovic

Committee Chair Dr. Sonja Novkovic

The Committee on Co-operative Research (CCR) is a thematic committee of the International Co-operative Alliance. It is a bridge between academic research and the co-operative world.

The CCR began its work in 1957 as the Research Officers Group. In the 1970's the group changed its name to the ICA Research, Planning and Development Group, reflecting its  widening scope of activities and aspirations and its efforts to provide practical input to cooperatives' social and economic concerns... The Committee today functions as a network open to all those interested in sharing research on the co-operative model of enterprise.

On these pages, you will find the Committee's objectives and activities, information about co-operative research around the world,  research news and events and links to co-operative research centres, educational institutions and research organizations.

The CCR is managed by an Executive Committee made up of researchers from different regions of the world. Staff support is provided by Hanan El-Youssef, Strategy Manager of the International Co-operative Alliance.

Follow the Committee on Co-operative Research on Twitter at @CoopResearch.


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