Conference welcome, by Mrs. Monique F. Leroux, Alliance President

Dear Co-operators,

It is my pleasure to cordially invite you to the Alliance’s 2017 global conference. One of the strengths of the co-operative movement is its global reach. The Alliance’s global conferences each time bring together co-operative thought leaders and businesses for learning, debating and networking.

Our world carries great wealth, of which the resourcefulness of people is the most important. Serving the needs of people, we co-operatives, are a growing and sustainable form of enterprise which put people at the centre of growth. This is why we have chosen the theme of our 2017 conference to be “Co-operatives: Putting People at the Centre of Development”.

With prospects of economic improvement being reported, creating a sustainable type of growth is the world’s leaders concern. A global consensus has emerged, to improve equality, end poverty and care for the environment. Co-ops can achieve this, all while conducting business, and  international organisations such as the Alliance, with a broad base of engaged members, underpinned by a model that has a tried and trusted economic impact, play a key role in liberating the regional potential for sustainable growth.

Co-operatives provide a platform for people to unite as businessmen and women. In a co-op, people ensure local revenue, decent work, and provide in elementary needs such as drinking water, access to quality food, dependable energy and empowering communications.

I want to extend my gratitude to Angkasa, the great co-operative movement of Malaysia, who have graciously accepted to host the Alliance’s 2017 global conference, in Kuala Lumpur. ANGKASA is a long time Alliance member, with a large network in Asia. As the government apex of Malaysian co-operatives, ANGKASA unites an impressive 12,000+ co-operatives, amounting to over 7.5 million co-operators.

I look forward to joining you, in Kuala Lumpur, to celebrate not only the co-operative model, but also you, co-operators, who build a better world in living and doing business by the co-operative values.

Kind regards,

Monique F. Leroux
International Co-operative Alliance


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