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Indian Farmers Fertiliser Co-operative Ltd. (IFFCO)

Structure type: Regional or Sectoral Federation

Sector: Agriculture / Forestry

Country: India

Contact details

Phone+91 4259 2626
Address IFFCO Sadan, C-1, District Centre, Saket Place

Contact persons

Dr. Shri U.S. Awasthi
Mr. Tarun Bhargava
Mr. A.K. Singh
Mr. B S Nakai

Organisation profile

A farmers organisation founded in 1967 with 57 member societies and has grown by leaps and bounds to become the world’s largest fertiliser cooperative and the largest manufacturer and marketer of fertilisers in India. During its service 49 years to Indian Rural community,IFFCO became a conglomeration of 45 million Indian Farmers and more than 35,000 cooperative societies and also established itself as most trusted brand name in Rural India.

Following the cooperative spirit IFFCO markets its product through an intricate nationwide network of member cooperative federations and societies.  Besides the core business of Fertilisers in India, IFFCO has diversified into sectors like General Insurance,Rural Mobile telephony, Oil and Gas, Commodity Trading, Agro-chemicals etc. and established itself as a multi-national organisation with its presence in 6 countries across the world.

The inclusive business model makes social development as an integral part of business ethos and therefore IFFCO is involved in multiple development initiatives like farmer livelihood and betterment trainings, community development programmes, and village adoption programme for bringing overall socio-economic development in rural-areas. These farmer development programmes are channelised by its development-focused subsidiaries namely IFFCO Kisan Sewa Trust (IKST), Cooperative Rural Development Trust (CORDET) and Indian Farm Forestry Development Cooperative Limited (IFFDC).Each year about a million farmers all over the country participate in the various extension education programmes organised by IFFCO & its subsidiaries.

IFFCO has carved out a strong “Cooperative Identity” and is making sincere efforts to uphold the “Cooperative Values” by cherishing “Cooperative Principles” and always followed transparent, democratic and professional practices in Corporate Governance.

Being a fertiliser manufacturer, IFFCO always gives emphasis on clean environment and energy saving practices and promotes balanced use of chemical fertilisers to save the soil health. In past, IFFCO has started campaign like “Save the Soil” to save Indian Soil Health and  pressed service of mobile soil testing vans to cater to the need of the farmers for soil testing for recommending optimum dose of fertilisers for improved productivity. Currently, IFFCO is promoting the Rooftop Solar Power Plants and thus installing solar power units in its nation-wide premises and producing 1.64 lakh kWh (unit) green energy. IFFCO’s Surinder Jakhar Bhavan and Corporate office building has been certified as Green Building by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and awarded IGBC’s LEED India for core and shell gold certificate.

IFFCO is an organisation which believes that participation of youth integrated with adoption of new technologies will define the future.Therefore, a seed capital of INR 100million has been created by IFFCO for new start-up businesses. This philosophy is exhibited and well propagated by our youngest Board of Director Mr. AdityaYadav, by his presence in the global Board of International Cooperative Alliance. IFFCO is an organisation of the farmers, by the farmers and for the farmers which is taking proactive steps for improving the overall wellbeing of the agrarian and cooperative sector of India alongwith promotion of new technologies and ideas tocreate positive environmental impact. 


Marketing opportunities


IFFCO meets around 30% of Phosphatic and 20% of Nitrogenous fertilisers demand in India through its five state of the art plants at Kalol and Kandla in Gujarat, Phulpur and Aonla in Uttar Pradesh and Paradeep in Odisha. Production and financial details of IFFCO for the year 2015-16 are as below:

                        Total Production:                86.52 Lakh MT

                        Total Sales:                          130.24 Lakh MT

Marketing Opportunities:

IFFCO is interested in cooperation among cooperatives around the world and welcomes all the best practices prevailing in finance, legislation and encourage modern farming technologies and e-commerce etc. in order to achieve mutual growth IFFCO has diversified in various business sectors that as below:


JV / Subsidiary Organisations

General Insurance

IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Ltd.

Rural Mobile Telephony

IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Limited


IFFCO Chhattisgarh Power Ltd. 

Commodity Trading

National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange


IFFCO-MC Crop Science Private Limited


IFFCO Kisan Bazar & Logistics Ltd.


Kisan International Trading FZE

Rural Development

Cooperative Rural Development Trust

Farm- Forestry

Indian Farm Forestry Development Coop. Ltd.


IFFCO Kisan SEZ Ltd.


IFFCO eBazar

Fertilisers (Overseas)

Oman India Fertiliser Company SAOC, Oman

Jordan India FertiliserCompany,Jordan

Industries Chimiques du Senegal (ICS)

IFFCO, firmly believes in Cooperative principles and always follows Cooperative principles and values in its business practices.

IFFCO welcomes this initiative of Coop to Coop trade of ICA and offers its business and knowledge expertise to global cooperative fraternity.

Let’s make World a better place together.   



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