International Cooperative Alliance member profile

Sri Lanka Consumer Co-operative Societies Federation Ltd. (Coopfed)

Structure type: Apex/National Federation

Sector: Consumer / Retail

Country: Sri Lanka

Contact details

Address No 11, Saunders Place

Contact persons

Mr. D.S.K. Pathirana

Organisation profile

The Sri Lanka Consumer Cooperative Federation Ltd was registered on 15th September 1989 as the APEX Federation of the Consumer Cooperative Movement in Sri Lanka and commenced its Business Operations on 7th March 1990. The need for an organization at APEX level to assist the Consumer Cooperative Societies was felt and established the Cooperative Federation with the sponsorship & contribution of the state. Its main purpose is to import, procure and supply the Consumer requirements / food items of the member Multi Purpose Cooperative Societies throughout in Sri Lanka in order to purchase these items at fair and reasonable prices.

The Sri Lanka Consumer Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd has gone further by opening self-service shops, Cooperative Super markets, Coop city and mini Coop city shops  in Urban & Rural Areas by encouraging / persuading Multi Purpose Cooperative Societies to open Coop city and mini Coop city shops  in their respective areas of operation.


Marketing opportunities

According to the recent statistics of the Department of Cooperative Development the number of cooperative organizations and enterprises comes up to around 10,262 and the total member clientele is around 7,903,340 according to the recent statistic. This shows the actual strength of the cooperative movement and the importance of the cooperative sector with the general population of the country. The Consumer Cooperative sector has become the forerunner of the entire cooperative movement with 6,000,000 (four million) cooperative members in the consumer sector. This shows the close link up with the common consumer in their day-to-day activities. The number of assets, fleet of Lorries the properties and buildings the value area is immeasurable in the consumer cooperatives enterprises.

The structure of the business

Six divisions were taken into consideration.

1. Wholesale Trade
The following warehouses and go downs were maintained by the Cooperative Federation.

  • Colombo main warehouse
  • Badulla warehouse
  • Matara warehouse
  • Kandy warehouse
  • Narahenpita warehouse

2. Retail Trade
The following stores were to be maintained for retail sales.

  • Cooperative Super Markets and Coop city stores at outstations.
  • Milk Bar in Colombo
  • Retail Stores in Kandy
  • Retail Stores in Badulla
  • Retail stores at Mathara
  • Mobile Sale Unit

3. Packeting and packaging unit

4. Air Ticketing Division

5. Transport Division

6. Special Project Unit
Do business with Community based organizations in inland wide.

7.   Other  sources of income

  • Commission derived on imports
  • Profit earned on dividends
  • Earnings on interest
  • Fund investment to Unilever drive



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