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Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Policia Nacional (CPN)

Structure type: Co-operative

Sector: Banking / Credit Unions

Country: Ecuador

Contact details

Phone+593 2398 4990
Address Voz Andes N309 y Av. América Código postal 170510

Organisation profile

According to the Statute, the co-operative will have the main objective of financial intermediation and Social responsibility with its associates.  Based on the above, this co-operative is closed, which means that it will fit to the differentiated provisions that the Superintendence of Popular Economy and Solidarity issues for the credit unions.
The co-operative was formed by 35 members, united by the common purpose of helping economically fellow police officers, through the benefits that provides a co-operative entity, which living in the philosophy of solidarity and mutual help, it found the appropriate response to their economic needs.


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