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Fundación Espriu

Structure type: Regional or Sectoral Federation

Sector: Health, Insurance

Country: Spain

Contact details

Phone+34 93 495 44 90
Address Address 1: Av Josep Tarradellas 123 4

Organisation profile

The Espriu Foundation is a non-profit entity the primary aim of which is to promote, publicise, champion and develop co-operative health care as a formula for the organisation, self-management and dialogue among the central figures in medicine: users and doctors.

Founded in 1989, it comprises the Spanish entities Autogestió Sanitària, Lavinia, Instal.lacions Assistencials Sanitàries-Scias and ASISA, which practise the co-operative healthcare model created by Dr Josep Espriu. This network of co-operatives brings together 183,098 co-operative members, employs 39,936 people and provides healthcare services to 2,120,259 users.


Marketing opportunities

The Espriu Foundation implements a health service provision system based on an organisational vision of health, open to management based on solidarity and sharing, committed to a social concept of healthcare, without pursuing commercial profit as its goal, and placing the patient at the heart of its actions. It promotes collaboration and understanding among groups made up of people of different origins and educational backgrounds who, through the co-operative model, are able to do away with intermediaries to establish a healthy and open relationship between doctors and patients. Its values are therefore linked to personal equality and freedom, non-discrimination and the pursuit of social rather than economic benefits.

The Espriu Foundation has an interest in establishing contact with other members of the International Cooperative Alliance to exchange experiences and know-how about any aspect connected with health care and cooperatives, such as, for example, governance, management of healthcare facilities, inter-cooperation, professional training, etc.



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