International Cooperative Alliance member profile

The Union of Sugar Beet Growers Cooperatives

Structure type: Regional or Sectoral Federation

Sector: Agriculture / Forestry

Country: Turkey

Contact details

Phone+90 312 435 5620 (8 lines)
Address Mithatpaşa Cad. No:19

Contact persons

Ms. Zeynep Yilmaz

Organisation profile

Pankobirlik is the General Directorate, representative and senior organization of Beet Cooperatives; performing supply, distribution, supervision and coordination of all kinds of inputs and services for its partners.

Pankobirlik is a gigantic establishment, which has approximately 1.600.000 beet grower partners, sowing beet in 64 cities and 7.500 settlement units, and serving with 300 outlets of 31 beet cooperatives and 5 cooperative sugar factories which are Amasya, Kayseri, Bogazliyan, Konya, Cumra. With its sugar factories Pankobirlik produces 40% of the Turkey sugar production.

Pankobirlik, besides its services rendered in parallel to agricultural production and efficiency of the Turkish farmer, is also contributing to the development of social structure within rural area.


Marketing opportunities

One of our biggest affiliate is Konya Sugar Factory and its holding unit AB Holding Company which consists of many factories.

Konya Sugar Factory started producing sugar in 1954. The mill had an established capacity of 1800 tons/day; and was determined to have an initial cropped area 13.000 hectares. The mill reached a sugar beet processing capacity of 2700 tons per day in 1966, 6000 tons per day in 1978 and 10.000 tons per day in 1997. To make use of the by products including molasses and wet pulp, the Molasses Dry Pulp Mill with 3 units having  aggregate production capacity of 400 tons per day and the enriched Animal Feed plant with a capacity of 20 tons per hour was commissioned in 1977 and 2003, respectively.

An investment of US 7,500 million was made continuing to establish new plants integrated with Cumra Sugar Mill, particularly including the liquid sugar production plant with an initial annual capacity of 52.000 tons per day, which is a first in Turkey. With a new investment in January 2007, the capacity of the liquid sugar plant was doubled and it achieved a capacity to produce 140.000 tons of liquid sugar per year. The company aimed a better utilization of the crystal sugar, which is the main subject of production of the company, better and a product diversity in the release of it to the market and, shifting the course of investments accordingly, completed Crystal Sugar Packaging, Cube Sugar Production, Hard Confectionery Production, Chocolate, Turkish Delight, Halvah and Beebread Syrup Production Plants and released its products to the market.

Furthermore, two plants, which are on the cutting edge of their fields, Cumra Animal Feed Production Plant and Seydibey Agricultural Products Processing Integrated Plants were put into service with an investment cost of US ,500 million and with an investment cost of US million, respectively, in 2009.

Oil factory is established on 95.000 m2 area in Altınekin production campus.  Facility produces 66.000 tons of raw seed flower oil and 65.000 tons of high quality (36 Protein) sunflower pulp.

Panagro is the world’s largest single-site production facility of its kind. The plant consists of 80.000 m2 indoor facilities to produce, prepare process and preserve meat and dairy products with advanced technology.

Also Panplast produces drip irrigation systems that save water by 50% compared to flood irrigation and by 33% compared to sprinkler irrigation. In addition to irrigation systems, Panplast also produces a range of farming materials including sacks, threads and corrugated pipes.

Beta Agriculture and seed improvement is not only Turkey’s first seed company; it is also pioneer in its fields as one of the first producers to use biotechnology in seed improvement.

Having the annual capacity of 84 million liters, BioPower Biyoetanol plant is Turkey’s highest capacity Biyoetanol plant. With this capacity, Konya Sugar supplies 58% of bioethanol production of Turkey.

Torku is the Konya Sugar’s umbrella brand used from sugar to confectionery products including chocolate varieties, candies, halva and Turkish delight. The brand is investing to expand into cookies, snack cakes, cracker biscuits and jelly candies. Gaining recognition for its savory chocolates and sweets, Torku is fast growing into a global brand. Torku is being exported to markets across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 



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