International Cooperative Alliance member profile

Tose'e Ta'avon Bank (T.T. Bank)

Structure type: Co-op Promoter/Supporter

Sector: All total sectors

Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Contact details

Phone+98 21 27591350-51
Address No. 271 Mirdamad Blvd

Contact persons

Mr. Faiiaz Qaed

Organisation profile

We are pleased to introduce our bank as a specialized and developmental bank. Tose`e Ta`avon Bank (Cooperative Development Bank) of Iran was established in 2009, according to the approved Articles of Association and the state monetary and banking rules, with cooperative approach, to achieve the 25 percent share of cooperative sector in national economy and to promote and exploit the total capacities in cooperative sector in order to reach economic and social stable development. The establishment of Tose`e Ta`avon Bank was set in the guidelines of the cooperative sector to support job creation. The Bank`s facilities are mostly granted to cooperative companies and unions and their members considering the minimum banking profit.


Marketing opportunities


  • Providing the preparation for social justice;
  • Providing appropriate infrastructure for development of public participation and non-governmental sector involvement in economic activities;
  • Allocating sources and contributing to supplying the capital of entrepreneurs and job seekers to create new job opportunities;
  • Supporting economic enterprises in order to maintain and improve the current employment and to create new job opportunities;
  • Striving for the active presence and playing the active roles of cooperatives in the stock market, capital and international markets;
  • Promoting competitive capabilities of the cooperative sector nationwide and worldwide;
  • Encouraging and persuading natural and legal persons to invest in the form of cooperatives;
  • Innovation and invention in financial institutionalization of the cooperative and expanding professional and vocational processes.

Areas of Activity 

  • Considering the extensive activities of TT Bank in all banking areas, the bank offers the following services:
  • Offering a variety of services to natural and legal persons regarding monetary and banking operations.
  • Issuing L/C and different types of cheques and cards and carrying out transactions pertaining thereto.  
  • Performing all kinds of Rial and foreign exchange activities.
  • Adopting developmental banking operations to promote the level of major economic indices of the cooperative sector.
  • Participating in establishment of conventional cooperatives.
  • Making proposals as to plans and executives policies for supplying and allocating fiscal sources, especially in relation to the cooperative sector, to the relevant authorities.
  • Participating in founding fiscal, technical, legal and service institutions and other specialized institutions required for the cooperative sector.
  • Performing other banking operations and commercial transactions which are not banned for banks under the rules and regulations.

Network of Branches

Tose`e Ta`avon bank has 390 branches and 56 counters in all parts of the country.

Capital and Human Resources

The capital of the bank is USD 500 million and currently, 3560 Personnel work in TT Bank.                 

It is worthy to mention that TT Bank is a member of ICA (International Cooperative Alliance), ADFIAP (Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific) and Iranian Committee of ICC (International Chamber of Commerce). 



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