International Cooperative Alliance member profile

Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Zürich (ABZ)

Structure type: Co-operative

Sector: Housing

Country: Switzerland

Contact details

Phone+41 44 455 57 57
Address Gertrudstrasse 103

Contact persons

Mr. Hans Rupp

Organisation profile

Founded in 1916, ABZ is Switzerland‘s biggest housing co-operative. It Holds 5000 apartments in and around Zurich with 11‘000 people living in 60 different settlements. Continuing it’s steady growth path, ABZ is currently building two settlements with 300 flats. Furthermore, ABZ actively supports the housing co-operative movement in Switzerland and abroad.

ABZ is well known for building high quality, sustainable and affordable living space.

ABZ is open to everybody: Its focus lies on building communities that accommodate people with divert socioeconomic status and cultural background. ABZ interconnects with various private and governmental organizations.

Marketing opportunities

ABZ is happy to share our knowledge in project development, in organising and supporting the volunteer network in the settlements. In addition, ABZ continuously invests in adding value to our members by offering a low-threshold service for members to easily get in touch with one another and with the administration.



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17 Oct 2019

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