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International Summit of Co-operatives

What is the International Summit of Co-operatives?

Co-hosted by the Alliance, the International Summit of Co-operatives is the world's leading event for business development in the co-operative and mutual community. It offers managers, decision-makers and leaders of co-operative and mutual enterprises of all size and in all sectors, as well as anyone in the world of business, a unique venue for reflection, discussion, co-operation and training on major trends, as well as on current and future economic and financial issues. By demonstrating that co-operatives are one answer to the major socioeconomic issues of our times, the Summit aims to promote and foster the development of co-operative enterprises in all countries.

This event attracts more than 3,000 participants from 93 countries.


1st edition: “RECOGNITION”

During the first edition in 2012, the Summit revealed “The Amazing Power of Co-operatives”. It demonstrated the power of co-operatives and mutuals through concrete examples, innovative studies and widely respected speakers, arousing the interest of major international organizations.

2nd edition: “ENGAGEMENT”

In 2014, the Summit was back to showcase the unique ability of co-operatives to consistently adapt and innovate to meet their members’ changing needs. It may be more than one hundred years old, but today the co-operative model is more relevant than ever.

3rd edition: “ACTION”

In 2016, the Summit intends to go farther still with the theme of “Co-operatives: The Power to Act”. Efforts will again be made to highlight the power of co-operatives to act and their significant impact at the local, national and international levels. It will also provide the opportunity to show how much strength co-operatives and mutuals wield when it comes to helping to solve the key global issues identified by the United Nations.


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