ICA Africa Regional Office

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Regional Office Director

Dr Chiyoge Sifa 

email chiyoge.sifa@icaafrica.coop

Regional Office Staff

1.    Dr. Chiyoge Buchekabiri Sifa          -    Regional Director

2.    Ms. Salome Wavinya Kimeu            -    Office Manager

3.    Mr. Erick Monda Obongo                -   Volunteer

4.   Mr. Japheth Kiganili Onyango          -    Cleaner

5.   Mr. Geoffrey Asira                           -    Intern- IT and Communication

6.   Mrs. Zawadi Augelic Bugugu             -    Intern - Administration

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ICA Africa, Loresho Mukabi Road, opposite Coopers Ltd;House No. 17, P.O. Box 67595-00200 NAIROBI, Kenya  
Email ica@icaafrica.coop | Tel +254 20 2323489




Signature by the Chair of the ICA Youth Network, Sebastien Chaillou, the Executive Director of Cooperative and Mutuals Canada, Denyse Guy and the Director General of the ICA, Bruno Roelants.
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