Imagine 2012 Video Compilation Now Available

In October 2012, co-operative researchers and practitioners from around the world gathered in Quebec City, Canada for Imagine 2012, a landmark international conference on co-operative economics.  The event, organized by Saint Mary's University as a prelude to the first International Summit of Cooperatives, featured presentations by such world-renowned economic thinkers as Stefano Zamagni, Neva Goodwin, Manfred Max-Neef, Thomas Homer-Dixon and Richard Wilkinson.

Since Imagine 2012 took place, its organizers have been repeatedly asked whether Saint Mary's is planning a second conference on co-operative economics. While there are currently no plans for another Imagine conference, a DVD compilation of Imagine 2012  has been created as a long-term legacy of the conference and a resource for researchers and co-operative leaders.

"The need for co-operative leaders, both elected and managers, to have access to economic analysis that is not hostile to co-operatives (as is the case with neoclassical economics) is increasing," said Tom Webb, who served as Imagine 2012's Executive Director. "Economies around the world are increasingly fragile, environmental degradation is escalating and income inequality is becoming worse.  Neither the business community nor neoclassical economics they have spawned seem able to cope with growing inequality, looming multiple environmental disasters and chronic economic instability. Co-operatives may not be the cure all for these problems but they need to understand the problems and how the co-operative business model can strongly contribute to solving them."

For more information about the videos, contact Tom Webb at


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