International Co-operative Day 2012

The International Co-operative Day is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of July.

Message of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) - 90th ICA International Co-operative Day - 18th UN International Day of Co-operatives - 7th July 2012 - English

Message de l’Alliance Coopérative Internationale (ACI) 90ème Journée internationale des coopératives de l’ACI - 18ème Journée internationale des coopératives des NU - 7 juillet 2012 - Français

Mensaje de la Alianza Cooperativa Internacional (ACI) - 90° Día Internacional del Cooperativismo de la ACI - 18° Día Internacional del Cooperativismo de las Naciones Unidas - 7 de julio de 2012 - Español

Mensagem da Aliança Cooperativa Internacional (ACI) - 90º Dia Internacional das Cooperativas - 18º Dia Internacional das Cooperativas da ONU - 7 de Julho de 2012 - Português

第90回ICA国際協同組合デー及び - 第18回国連国際協同組合デーに向けたICAメッセージ - 2012年7月7日 - 日本語

The aim of the day is to increase awareness of co-operatives and promote the movement's successes and ideals of international solidarity, economic efficiency, equality, and world peace.

ICA first celebrated the International Day in 1923. The International Day is now run in partnership with the UN and the UN asks all member governments to participate in the celebrations each year.

The International Day has a different theme each year. Themes in recent years have included ‘Youth, the future of co-operative enterprise’ in 2011 and ‘Co-operative enterprise empowers women’ in 2010. Co-operatives around the world celebrate the Day in many different ways, seeking to gain press and publicity at a local and national level.

The ICA wants to make the International Day in 2012 something that we will all remember – one in which one billion co-operators can get involved in order to raise public awareness about the co-operative business model. The theme for the International Day 2012 is the same as the International Year of Co-operatives: "Co-operative enterprises build a better world".

UN International Day of Co-operatives, 7 July 2012 "Cooperative enterprises build a better world" - "Les coopératives, des entreprises pour un monde meilleur" - "Las empresas cooperativas ayudan a construir un mundo mejor".

This year's theme links to the observance of the United Nations International Year of Cooperatives. It seeks to encourage the growth and establishment of cooperatives all over the world, and to recognize the actions of cooperatives in helping to achieve internationally agreed upon development goals, such as the Millennium Development Goals. How to celebrate the International Day?

Co-operatives around the world celebrate the Day in many different ways. Below are examples of some of the activities organised by co-operatives around the world:

• The messages of the ICA and United Nations are translated into local languages and widely disseminated to co-operators, media, and government officials at all levels.

• Co-operatives use the media to create awareness on their movements and contributions.

• Co-operative Fairs, exhibits, contests, and campaigns are held.

• Meetings with government officials, United Nations agencies and other partner organisations are held.

• Co-operatives partner with community agencies to champion economic, environmental, social and health challenges.

• Cultural events are sponsored - theatre, concerts, etc.

Whatever you are doing, we have various ways you can promote your activity


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