International Cooperative Entrepreneurship Think Tank - ICETT

ICETT creation

The International Cooperative Entrepreneurship Think Tank (ICETT) was formed in 2018 by the ICA to strengthen cooperatives' entrepreneurial performance by seeking and using innovative ideas, research, education, and cooperation to address the challenges that cooperative enterprises are facing.

Our Vision: To offer strategic thinking on cooperative entrepreneurship to demonstrate that the cooperative business model can be a key differentiator for entrepreneurial competitiveness and strengthen cooperatives' business performance.

Our Mission: Collaborate on exploring strategically selected topics to find innovative ways to strengthen the competitive advantage in cooperative entrepreneurship and share the knowledge with the cooperative movement.

Objectives: ICETT’s objective is to serve as a strategic hub that can provide its members with useful information to strengthen cooperatives' entrepreneurial performance. To do this ICETT:

  • Focuses on all topics and issues related to cooperative entrepreneurship and innovation within the ICA Strategic Plan framework to enhance the comparative advantage of the cooperative business model over other models.
  • It provides a digital platform to its members, where discussions, information, ideas, and knowledge on cooperative entrepreneurship can be shared, discussed, and debated.
  • It collects, curates, and disseminates useful and valuable information on cooperative entrepreneurship in general and large cooperatives in particular.
  • Lead discussions and debates on general cooperative issues and share useful knowledge and information related to its members.
  • Promotes concrete business cooperation among cooperatives.
  • Encourage and inspire cooperative entrepreneurship among the youth.

With these objectives, ICETT will synthesize existing knowledge and systematically provide evidence and information from its members and ICA members to show how cooperatives can leverage their identities to strengthen their entrepreneurial performance. ICETT will carry out additional research, organise webinars, events, and projects to foster innovative approaches to enhancing the cooperatives' position on development matters.






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