International Health Co-operative Organisation

About IHCO

The International Health Co-operative Organisation (IHCO) is a sectoral organisation of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) which brings together co-operatives within the ICA membership that provide health care to their members or the provide self-employment for health professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.) or integrate consumers' and producers' co-operatives. It was founded in 1996.


Its objectives are to :

  • provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of issues of relevant to its member organisation's;
  • provide information to United Nations organisations, national governments, the media and the public about the nature and role of health co-operatives;
  • promote the development of health co-operatives;
  • collaborate with other sectoral organisations and thematic committees of the ICA Structure;

IHCO has two regional entities for Asia and the Pacific (Asia-Pacific Health Co-operative Organisation - APHCO) and the Europe (IHCO Europe). These two regional sectoral organisations organise meetings and activities in their respective regions.




Address and Phone Number

International Health Co-operative Organisation (IHCO)
c/o Fundación Espriu
Av. Josep Tarradellas, 123-127, 4º Piso, 08029 Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +34 93 495 4490 Fax: +34 93 495 44 92 E-mail:


José Carlos Guisado, Chairperson

Dr. Guisado is responsible for international relations at the Espiru Foundation of Spain.


José Pérez, Secretary



Membership is open to organisations that are affiliated either directly or indirectly to the ICA and have health care as their main objective or that bring together health professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.).

To get more information on how to join the International Health Co-operative Organisation, please contact:

150 route de Ferney,
PO Box 2100,
1211 Geneva 2,
Telephone +41 (0)22 929 88 38   Fax: +41 (0)22 798 41 22



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