Women's Day 2015: Declaration of the International Co-operative Alliance's Gender Equality Committee

06 Mar 2015


This year the commemoration of International Women’s Day provides the Alliance and all its members with the perfect opportunity to, not only “imagine” women’s empowerment, but to actually contribute to its achievement. This is a chance for us to rediscover our potential and our success as people who wish to promote women and men’s transformation in a more equitable society. This is also the time to think about and take action on social inequalities, challenges and new opportunities to strengthen our leadership and demand more power for women. The promotion of women’s empowerment should start from the multiple options available via our co-operative development model: from a personal, social and economic perspective; from employment and entrepreneurship; and from the different opportunities we have to achieve a life of dignity and increased freedom. This concept that is also defined as “spatial” women’s empowerment refers to their opportunity to be protagonists, to have their voices heard and to gain legitimacy in the public arena.

Download the complete Gender Equality Committee declaration in PDF format below. 



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