Research on Cooperatives in Latin America in the 21st Century

28 Dec 2017

The Committee on Co-operative Research of the International Co-operative Alliance is pleased to announce the publication of the Review of International Co-operation 2017 on cooperative research in Latin America.

This special Issue presents views from Latin America that, we hope, sheds light on what Cooperativism represents as a socio-economic movement in the region. It includes eight academic papers that have been peer-evaluated, from Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Paraguay and Colombia, dealing with responses to catastrophes, cooperative contributions to sustainable development, member participation and education, growth strategies, and policy evaluation. Three more articles deal with research in Latin America in general, and one with Brazil in particular, discussing theoretical and methodological approaches, as well as university and post-graduate studies on the subject.

Guest editors Claudia Sanchez Bajo, Mirta Vuotto and Ana Maria Sarria Icaza introduce readers to the diverse co-operative ecosystem in the region. Given that most regional research in published either in Spanish and Portuguese, this effort is intended to enhance the dialogue among cooperative researchers and practitioners, policy-makers and the cooperative movement worldwide.

The Special Issue 2017 of the Review is now available below!

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