2014 International Summit of Cooperatives: closing declaration

15 Oct 2014

From October 5 to 9, the 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives held in Quebec City, Canada brought together 3,000 participants from 93 countries. 

Decision makers and influencers from the international co-operative community worked together to break new ground and grow the global family of co-operatives to play a part in building a better world with more inclusive growth for men and women everywhere. With the Summit now over, we urge the world’s leaders to consider how co-operatives are beneficial to the global economy and contribute to building the better world we all desire. Co-operatives have protected the livelihoods of millions of people in times of great financial crisis. All over the world they empower people to take charge of their lives, in fields as broad and varied as food, health, banking, education, insurance, housing, and energy. They have proven locally, nationally, and globally how good they are at delivering solutions.

In line with the Summit’s main focus of innovation, the 2014 Summit's declaration covers five major changes co-operatives can make for the global economy: 

  1. Be more influential;
  2. Increase innovation;
  3. Contribute to food security;
  4. Develop co-operatives’ role as creators of employment and ...
  5. Step up efforts to improve access to health care and services. 

Co-operatives ask world leaders to consider the urgent need we have for diversity in the way a business can be run. The world needs co-operatives to be recognized as a valued part of the global economy. We do not seek special treatment but that world leaders objectively consider all that we can bring to the men and women living on our shared planet Earth and that they acknowledge our role. 

Read the full declaration here: http://ica.coop/sites/default/files/media_items/quebecdeclaration_en.pdf