Enormous opportunities for co-operatives to take on global challenges in 2018

26 Jan 2018

The President’s message provides an insight into the topics you will explore in the Alliance’s next eDigest, which will be out soon!

By Ariel Guarco

We are starting a new year with a lot of challenges. To handle them, the first task is being aware of the size, trajectory and power of our movement. As we learnt from our latest Global Conference, we are more than 1.2 billion people around the world. One in every six people on the planet. This means that our movement can have an enormous influence on how to solve the most pressing issues faced by humanity.

We have reaffirmed our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals because we know the extent to which we can contribute. However, it is necessary to take on integration as a premise so that this contribution is effective and noticeable at global level, and, at the same time, in every territory where there is a co-operative.

At the Alliance, we aim to work hard to listen to the needs and proposals of all our members, that today represent 105 countries, 105 cultures, 105 specific political and economic contexts. We can still be stronger and improve our representation of this big universe of 1.217 billion people.

Likewise, we will need to deepen dialogue with other global actors from the governmental sphere as well as the civil society. Within the context of strong inequalities, concentrated economies and serious threats to peace, every one of us, on our own, cannot do much more than subsist. Together, we have the enormous opportunity to build a better world.


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