Manual on co-operatives and sustainability

08 Feb 2015

Co-operatives of the Americas is preparing a sustainability manual that it will offer to co-operatives in the region, continuing the efforts made in terms of the environment, that add to the recognition of the social value created by this type of enterprise, as well as its economic effectiveness.

The Manual takes on the three classical dimensions of sustainability: the economy, the environment and society, and at the same time identifies and describes a number of eight factors (both internal and external) that highlight the contribution of co-operatives to sustainability, in their organization and structure, as well as their relationship with nature and social environment.

Some of the sustainability factors that are touched upon in the manual, such as values and principles, institutionalism and governance, are well-known to the co-operative world. Other factors included are the administration of natural goods and services and the contribution of cooperatives to tackling global challenges.

As the title suggests, the manual offers examples of how to put sustainability in practice en each of the eight factors defined and details a methodological proposal for planning, evaluating and implementing actions.

The manual is a contribution of Co-operatives of the Americas  for co-operatives to become leaders of sustainability, in line with the objectives set out in the Alliance’s Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade.


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