Welcome to the web page of the Alliance's Co-operative Law Committee

The Alliance Co-operative Law Committee (CLC) is a thematic committee with the objective of giving independent advice to the Alliance on co-operative law, broadly defined to include all legal rules that shape the co-operative institution and regulate its operations.

Securing supportive legal frameworks for co-operative growth is one of the main priorities of the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade.  Like all enterprises, co-operatives operate within existing legal frameworks and it is important for their growth that these frameworks recognize their unique nature. The Co-operative Law Committee, composed of legal experts from different regions and backgrounds, is instrumental in achieving the goals of the Blueprint.

Why co-operative law?

Co-operatives of all types around the world have been guided by a set of identity-shaping principles ever since the foundation of the International Co-operative Alliance (Alliance) in 1895. Today, these are laid out in the 1995 Alliance Statement on the Co-operative Identity (Alliance Statement). The fact that such a set of principles exists sets co-operatives apart from other types of enterprises. This brief answers the question of why and how legislators are bound by these principles, and for which legal and political reasons legislators ought to translate these principles into law: [link to pdf document “why co-operative law”].



24 Jun 2020

Young co-operators across the world will celebrate the…