Coop'Art Sponsorship Opportunities

To support the Coop'Art competition, ICA is currently looking for sponsors to invest in a project that will raise awareness about co-operatives worldwide and inspire a new generation of co-operators.

There will be two kinds of sponsorship packages available:

  • Global Sponsor
  • Supporters

Why be a Global Sponsor?

  • Your logo will appear in all ICA promotional material regarding the competition along with that of the ICA and the official IYC logo with equal size and positioning (including but not exclusively: website, social media, press releases, newsletters, articles, events)
  • Information on the work of the Global Sponsor related to youth and co-operation will feature in a special section of the website
  • The Global Sponsor will be provided with the necessary support to advertise the competition and its quality as a global sponsor on all its communications
  • There will be a maximum of 3 Global Sponsors

Why be a supporter?

  • Your logo of the supporter will appear under a heading “With the support of:” in all communications related to the competition with an embedded link to the organisation’s webpage.
  • The supporter can use advertise its quality on national communications related to the competition using the term “With the support of [name/logo]”

The funds raised by this competition will be used to cover its costs, including prizes, and any additional revenue will be used for the ICA 2012IYC fund.