Become part of the Youth Network

The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) formed the Youth Network as an advisory, assistance and representation body for the cooperative youth movement.

Members will be those persons up to 35 years inclusive and associated to organizations belonging to the ICA. Members have the right to vote.
Individuals will need to submit this form to the Youth Network secretariat which is signed by a member organisation of the ICA.

Download the membership form below in English, French or Spanish.

Youth Network form English

Youth Network form Spanish

Youth Network form French

Adherents will be persons that although they are not associated with members from the ICA, or are not of the age of youth, support the cooperative youth movement or want to develop it. Adherents are added to the mailing list but will not be able to vote. To become an adherent, fill out the form below:

I understand and accept the data protection policy of the International Cooperative Alliance and consent to my information being used as per the policy.


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