New members from Paraguay and South Korea join the ICA in March 2019

25 Mar 2019

The International Cooperative Alliance is happy to welcome Federación de Cooperativas Multiactivas del Paraguay (FECOMULP LTDA.) from Paraguay, and the International Solidarity of Korea Cooperatives (ISKC) from South Korea as full members in March 2019.

FECOMULP is a second level integration organization whose functions are the defense of its affiliated cooperatives in the sector (multi-service cooperatives), technical assistance and training for managers, employees, and partners. The organisation represents 750,000 individual members

ISKC is a new coalition of cooperative associations in Korea established in 2008. It was formed by three ICA members, the Korea Federation of Worker Cooperatives (KFWC), Dure Consumer's Cooperative Union (DCCU), and the Korea Federation of University Cooperative (KFUC), as well as one additional association. They formed this association in order to collectively join together and cooperate with the ICA. The purpose is international solidarity for the Korean social and economy organisations, and to formulate and act for solidarity organisation. It represents 999,339 individual members

The ICA has now 315 member organisations of which 272 are full members and 43 are associate members from 110 countries. 



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