B20 representation is a significant achievement for co-operatives

18 Jul 2014

By Rodrigo Gouveia

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For the first time in the history of the G20, a co-operative representative participated in the business advisory group in charge of providing recommendations to the world leaders – the B20. Dr. Andrew Crane, CEO of CBH Group of Australia, an Alliance member, is representing the global cooperative movement in this important group.

The significance of this participation should not be underestimated. Co-operatives can provide a different view on global macro-economic issues such as growth, employment and distribution of wealth. By advocating more diversity in the economy, through the promotion of a different business model, co-operatives are sending the message that a fairer, more inclusive, sustainable and resilient society is possible.

It is not to be expected that, all of a sudden, this will dramatically change the orientation of global politics, which have been dominated for so many years by the views of a single type of business model based on maximization of profit such as large multinational corporations. However, the moment is ripe for co-operatives as world leaders start recognizing the shortcomings of such an approach, for example in terms of income inequalities. Therefore the contribution of Dr. Andrew Crane and other co-operative leaders present at the B20 Summit in Australia, such as Pauline Green, President of the Alliance, and others are marking a first step towards increasing influence by the co-operative movement in the global political sphere.

Independently of the conclusions of the B20 Summit and the recommendations to the G20 leaders that may arise, this should already be considered as a very positive outcome of the Alliance’s strategy in advocating for its members and the wider co-operative movement.

Photo: B20 round table in Australia


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