Family Fun Day at the Community Garden

The Co-operative Group
De Clare House
4 Sir Alfred Owen Way
Reino Unido

To celebrate International Co-operative Day we are offering a family fun day at the local community garden. Attendees will get a tour of the garden, see what can be grown easily in a window sill or your own back garden and how to make those seeds grow. Attendees will also help out harvesting some of the food that has been growing and use that food to make a simple dish on the day. Items for the dish will come from the community garden or the Co-operative's local food store. The community garden representatives will be on hand to answer questions about how to set up a community garden, volunteering at a community garden and making a community garden flourish. It is a chance to spend time with the family in an outdoor setting and learn some new ideas for growing your own produce and making an enjoyable dish with fresh produce from that garden.
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