Launched in 2002, .coop is an exclusive and cost-effective way for cooperatives to brand their difference as democratic and member-owned businesses.

.coop is a top-level domain (TLD), which forms the end of an email and web address, just like other web extensions -such as .com and .org. Unlike these other extensions, which can be used by any organization or person, .coop is exclusively available to bona fide cooperatives.

The .coop domain is used by thousands of cooperatives all over the world. Together these co-ops have formed a growing global community, sharing and nurturing a powerful brand that proudly states their shared values and principles.  The .coop domain helps co-operative organizations enhance and market their businesses, better connect with their members and network with other cooperatives across the world.

Take a look at the domains.coop website to find out more or to register your own .coop domain.