The global cooperative network

Around 320 organisations from more than 110 countries are members of the International Cooperative Alliance.

The ICA’s members are international and national cooperative organisations from all sectors of the economy, including agriculture, banking, consumer, fisheries, health, housing, insurance, and industry & services.

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Why is it important?

We are providing cooperatives with global reach to strengthen your movement locally:

  • Global networking - meet and share ideas with the largest range of organisations and cooperatives in terms of sectors and size. Visit our Event section for networking opportunities
  • Global best practice - improve the performance of your cooperative organization by learning and adopting the latest best practices globally in cooperative governance, funding, marketing, etc. Visit our News section and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates about the cooperative movement!
  • Global representation - get the tools to strengthen your own advocacy and be part of the global advocacy of the ICA and its regions and sectors. We ensure issues important to your business sector and the cooperative movement are understood and acted on at a global level with representation at the United Nations, G20, etc. Access our Global advocacy section for more information.
  • Global decision-making – ensure that you take part in the global decision-making process regarding the strategy of the international cooperative movement by visiting Our structure section.

The one subscription fee entitles members to participate in all the structures of the ICA that are relevant for their cooperative or cooperative organisation.

ICA membership in a nutshell

Learn about all of the services that the International Cooperative Alliance offers, the benefits of membership and the various ways to engage, e.g. through our geographic regions, our business sectors, and our thematic committees! When you join the ICA, these various options are available to you at no additional fee.

After reviewing the member services package, feel free to contact the Director of Membership, Gretchen Hacquard if you have any unanswered questions. We will be updating this package quarterly in order to include the latest information on events, publications, and services.

You can download the package in EnglishSpanish and French.



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