The Blueprint for the Co-operative Decade

06 Apr 2017

Read the Final Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade in Chinese, CroatianEnglish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, ItalianJapaneseKorean, MacedonianPolishPortuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade is the Alliance’s global strategy of and for co-operatives. To achieve the 2020 Vision of the Blueprint, the Alliance pursues Blueprint programmes in five priority areas: Participation, Sustainability, Identity, Legal Frameworks and Capital.

The Blueprint aims to strengthen the co-operative model and grow the global movement. Co-operatives are a vehicle of growth and development – a business model that allows people and communities to meet their needs and aspirations. Co-operatives offer a unique answer to contemporary problems – a space where individual economic pursuits are valued, and where these economic pursuits are embedded within a holistic consideration of the world in which we live.

This document was considered in draft by the General Assembly of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) in Manchester in October 2012. Following comment and discussion - the Blueprint was approved by the General Assembly. The intention of the General Assembly was that the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives marked the beginning of a worldwide campaign to take the co-operative way of doing business to a new level. The ambitious plan in this Blueprint - the “2020 vision” - is for the co-operative form of business by 2020 to become:

•  The acknowledged leader in economic, social and environmental sustainability

•  The model preferred by people

•  The fastest growing form of enterprise

Co-operatives around the world have adopted The Blueprint.

The English, French and Spanish versions were released in February 2013. A landmark publication of the Alliance, it has been translated in 16 languages.

Download the Blueprint in your language: