2015 General Assembly

The Alliance has held its 2015 General Assembly on 13 November 2015, along with its bi-annual global conference, in Antalya, Turkey (10-13 November). The links and relevant documents are provided below:

The Annual Report can be downloaded at http://ica.coop/en/annual-report

The General Assembly was organised in accordance with the Alliance's articles and bylaws and General Assembly Standing Orders, which can be found at http://ica.coop/en/basics/alliance-rules-and-laws.

At the 2015 general assembly, members elected Ms Monique Leroux as their president for the 2015-2017 term. Information on the candidates who applied for the position of President of the International Co-operative Alliance can be found at http://ica.coop/en/elections-office-president-international-co-operative-alliance-2015-2017.




Signature by the Chair of the ICA Youth Network, Sebastien Chaillou, the Executive Director of Cooperative and Mutuals Canada, Denyse Guy and the Director General of the ICA, Bruno Roelants.
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