Committees and networks of the ICA

The International Cooperative Alliance’s committees and networks are the think tanks of the ICA. Composed of experienced and dedicated cooperators affiliated with members, committees and networks are on the basis of data, reports, and guidelines that benefit cooperators everywhere.

Gender Equality Committee

The Gender Equality Committee (ICA GEC) is a thematic committee of the International Cooperative Alliance which promotes equality between women and men and gender integration in the co-operative movement and society. It was formerly known as the Alliance's Global Women's Committee.

Committee on Cooperative Research

The ICA Committee on Cooperative Research (ICACCR) is a bridge between academic research and the cooperative world. The ICACCR aims to raise awareness of cooperative research, particularly to managers and cooperators so that it can be applied effectively to current cooperative issues. 

Cooperative Law Committee 

The Cooperative Law Committee gives independent advice to the ICA on cooperative law, broadly defined to include all legal rules that shape the cooperative institution and regulate its operations. 

Youth Network

The International Cooperative Alliance's Youth Network aims to help young cooperators from different countries to connect, share experiences and ideas, as well as to provide an environment where young cooperators can learn more about the wider cooperative movement. Involving young people from outside the movement through education and support is a key focus of the work of this network. The network also looks to empower young cooperators to engage with the rest of the movement to both raise the profile of youth issues and to ensure the youth perspective is presented during wider discussions.

International Cooperative Development Platform 

The objective of the International Cooperative Development Platform (ICDP) is to promote and support the initiation and furtherance of international cooperative development activities within and among cooperative development organisations, so as to enhance their collaboration as well as social and economic effectiveness.

The Platform serves as a forum for the discussion and exchange of experiences and knowledge on issues related to international cooperative development, the promotion of the cooperative model towards development actors and international institutions, as well as the cooperation within development programs and partnerships.