General Assembly


The General Assembly is the highest authority of the International Cooperative Alliance and is made up of representatives appointed by International Cooperative Alliance member organisations.

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The General Assembly meets at regular intervals to:

  • formulate and implement policy on major issues affecting the International Cooperative Alliance & the global cooperative movement
  • approve the ICA's Strategic Plan & financial framework
  • elect the President and the Board, ratify the elections of the Vice-Presidents, the sectoral organisation & youth representatives to the Board
  • appoint the external auditor
  • ratify the appointment or removal of the Director-General on the recommendation of the Board
  • amend the ICA Statutes and By-Laws by a majority of two-thirds of the votes represented
  • decide on membership subscriptions & representation formulae
  • approve the International Cooperative Alliance's annual audited accounts
  • confirm all dispositions taken by the Board, or by any other unincorporated regional or sectoral entity of the ICA, which imposes liabilities or obligations on International Cooperative Alliance, such as investments, borrowings, mortgages, buying and selling of real estate, as well as other agreements
  • approve the establishment or dissolution of International Cooperative Alliance regions, their respective Regional Assemblies, Sectoral Organisations & Thematic Committees on the recommendation of the Board
  • decide upon the dissolution of the International Cooperative Alliance by a majority of two-thirds of the votes represented



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