Call for NGOs to apply for ECOSOC consultative status

The 1 June deadline for NGOs hoping to apply for United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) consultative status is less than 1 month away. The International Co-operative Alliance, as an active member of ECOSOC, encourages eligible NGOs to apply in order to take part in UN deliberations.  

What is the benefit for NGOs?

NGOs that are accredited with ECOSOC can participate in a number of events, including, but not limited to regular sessions of ECOSOC, its functional commissions and its other subsidiary bodies. NGOs may:

  •  Attend official meetings;
  •  Submit written statements prior to sessions;
  •  Make oral statements;
  •  Meet official government delegations and other NGO representatives;
  •  Organize and attend parallel events that take place during the session;
  •  Participate in debates, interactive dialogues, panel discussions and informal meetings.

For more information about ECOSOC Consultative status go here.

To apply please go here.

For more information about eligibility and benefits, click here.