Cooperatives' answer to COVID-19

Stories from the ground

This section looks at cooperatives are answering to the pandemic, revealing a series of measures adopted to support members and their communities during the crisis.

Cooperative Insider - Special Feature: Cooperatives' answer to COVID-19 (25 February 2021) available here 

World Cooperative Monitor showcases cooperative answers to COVID-19


ICA members map in response to the COVID-19  (last update September 2020)

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Here you will find information from ICA members in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and related news on the cooperative movement at large. We would like to:

  • Share the contributions our members are making to help others
  • Enable engagement and cooperation among cooperatives
  • Provide a voice to those who need help during this time of crisis.

For other information related to COVID-19, please send an email to

Cooperative Principles are playing a big role during this pandemic. 

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Messages from cooperative leaders around the world.

Coop leaders in Argentina