The International Co-operative Alliance's Africa Region


11th Regional Conference on the theme of 
“Improving Members' Socio-Economic Situation by Encouraging the Benefits of Co-operative Enterprises”

Dates: 17th – 19th November 2014
Venue: Inter-Continental Hotel, Nairobi-Kenya

View the 11th Regional Conference programme here



To be the African leader in promoting a dynamic and democratic co-operative movement; leading the process of social transformation and sustained economic development and growth


ICA Africa Region shall strive to promote, develop, protect and strengthen the co-operative movement in the region and provide effective and efficient services through partnership and collaboration.

It will do this by; evaluating participation within membership and governance to a new level; positioning co-operatives as builders of sustainability; building the co-operative image and securing the co-operative identity; ensuring supportive legal frameworks for co-operative growth; and securing reliable co-operative capital while guaranteeing member control.


  • Promoting development of co-operative movement in Africa;
  • Promoting and protecting co-operative values and principles;
  • Facilitating development of economic and other mutually beneficial relations between member organizations;
  • Promoting sustainable human development and furthering the economic and social progress of people, thereby contributing to peace and security in Africa;
  • Promoting equality between men and women in all decision making and activities within the co-operative movement;
  • Lobbying for an enabling environment for co-operative development in Africa.

You can read the Africa Co-operative Development Strategy 2013-2016 in English and French.

Regional Office

1.    Dr. Chiyoge Buchekabiri Sifa          -    Regional Director

2.    Ms. Salome Wavinya Kimeu            -    Office Manager

3.    Mr. Jipe Kelly                                   -    Capacity Building Manager

4.    Mr. Geoffrey Asira                           -    Intern- IT and communication

5.    Mr. Erick Monda Obongo                -   Volunteer

6.    Miss Anne Waithera Ndungu           -   Intern- Administration

7.    Mr. Japheth Kiganili Onyango         -    Cleaner


1.            Stanley Muchiri


2.            Japheth Magomere


3.            Rev.Fr.Gearge Angala


4.            Hassan Wakasuvi


5.            Augustine Katabarwa


6.            Mottseki O.Mobejane


7.            Dr.Yousif M.Yousif


8.            Eng.Jibrin Bala Abuja



The following organisations are ICA members in Africa:

Regional organisations

Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF)


Botswana Co-operative Association (BOCA)


Central Productive Co-operative Union (PCU)


Union des Cooperatives Guineennes pour le Developpement Durable (UCGDD)

Federation de Co-operatives d'approvisionnement et de l'alimentation generale(FECAAG)


Agri and Co-operative Training and Consultancy Services Ltd. (ATC)

Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd

Co-operative University College of Kenya (CCK)

Kenya Union of Savings & Credit Co-operatives Ltd. (KUSCCO)

National Co-operative Housing Union Ltd. (NACHU)

The Co-operative Insurance Company of Kenya Ltd. (CIC Insurance)


Co-operative Lesotho (Coop Lesotho)

Boliba Multipurpose Co-operative (BMC)


The Mauritius Co-operative Union Ltd. (MCUL)


Asssociacio Mocambicana de promoco do cooperativismo Modermo (AMPCM)


Co-operative Advisory Board (CAB)


Co-operative Federation of Nigeria (CFN)
Odu’A Cooperative Alliance (OCA)
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd (NNPC-CMS)

Federal department of co-operatives, federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development (FDC)


National Confederation of Cooperatives of Rwanda (NCCR)

Independent Institute of Lay Adventists of Kigali (INILAK)

South Africa

South African National Apex Co-op (SANACO)


Moshi University College of Co-operative and Business Studies (MUCCoBS)

Tanzania Federation of Co-operatives Ltd. (TFC)


Uganda Co-operative Alliance Ltd. (UCA)

Gumutindo Coffee Cooperative Enterprise Ltd. (GCCE)


Northern Province Co-operative Marketing Union Ltd. (NPCMU Ltd)

Zambia Co-operatives Federation Ltd. (ZCF)


Zimbabwe National Association of Housing Co-operatives (ZINAHCO)