What We Know about Our Cooperative Identity – Results of 2022 Survey on the Cooperative Identity

05 Sep 2023
CoopIdentity survey report

The Cooperative Identity Survey was conducted online via SurveyMonkey between April and 31 October 2022. The survey received 2,290 completed responses from 136 countries. Although it was not designed as a sample survey using systematic sampling, it does representgeographically, linguistically, and culturally diverse, well-distributed voices of ICA members, individual cooperatives and cooperators, along with cooperative experts worldwide.

Analysis of results

The survey mainly questioned what people think of the Cooperative Identity and founding documents. The results show that in general, respondents positively understand the current Statement on the Cooperative Identity, particularly its impact on their cooperatives and businesses. Except for the respondent type and country factor, respondents’ demographical and organisational backgrounds did not make significant differences.


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