The Guidance Notes on the Cooperative Principles

03 Jan 2017

The International Cooperative Alliance is the global steward of the Statement on the Co-operative Identity – the Values and Principles of the cooperative movement. As part of its stewardship of the co-operative identity, the ICA’s Principles Committee – which has worked towards the goal of securing the cooperative identity of the Blueprint for a Cooperative Decade – is pleased to share the Guidance Notes on the Cooperative Principles.

These Guidance Notes give detailed guidance and advice on the practical application of the Principles to cooperative enterprise. Their primary audience is the upcoming generation of cooperative leaders. They aim to help cooperators run their cooperatives more efficiently and effectively. We also hope that they will be a worldwide resource for educators, learners, regulators, decision-makers, public authorities, and for others seeking to understand how the Principles are to be applied in practice.

These Guidance Notes are a statement of our understanding of the Principles now, but they are living documents, not static. These Guidance Notes aim to state our understanding of the application of the Principles in contemporary terms for the 21st century. We hope you will gain understanding and inspiration from them.


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