A world wide strategic plan for co-operatives!

The starting point of the International Co-operative Alliance’s Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade, is that co-operatives have a way of doing business which is both better and brings a more effective balance to the global economy.

The 2020 Vision, embedded within the Blueprint strategy, aims for the co-operative form of business – by 2020 – to become:

  • The acknowledged leader in economic, social, and environmental sustainability
  • The model preferred by people
  • The fastest growing form of enterprise

Under the auspices of the Blueprint, the Alliances' thought leadership produces a wide array of reports and launches initiatives, for co-operators to adopt. 

Check out our publications, tools and programs below!

Blueprint publications: co-operative knowledge

The publications of the Blueprint are created by the Alliance's thought leadership.

They serve to guide co-operatives in conducting business in line with the co-operative principles, and cover the Blueprint's five pillars: Participation, Sustainability, Identity, Legal Framework and Capital. 

The Guidance Notes on the Co-operative Principles

Sustainability Reporting for Co-operatives

The Capital Conundrum for Co-operatives

The Doing Co-operative Business Report

The Survey on Co-operative Capital

Co-operative Governance Fit to Build Resilience in the Face of Complexity

Adopt the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade

The Alliance invites co-operatives to get involved, and raise our movement's profile, both to people everywhere and to world leaders. 

Create your own co-op promotional video on the Co-operatives Building a Better World website. And, get your co-op domain name, and a licence to use the co-operative marque, the unique brand identifier for co-ops.

The World Co-operative Monitor is the Alliance's co-operative big data project. Send your co-operative's financial figures, so that we can calculate the global economic impact of co-operatives and make the case for co-ops with policy makers.

Co-operatives for a Better World

Get a .coop domain name

Be part of the World Co-operative Monitor


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