ICA adopts ‘IYC slogan’ post-2012

27 Nov 2012














The official strapline for the International Year of Co-operatives is to be adopted by the ICA beyond 2012.

The words — ‘Co-operative Enterprises Build A Better World’ — will be used as the ICA works with the worldwide movement to ensure co-operatives become the fastest growing form of enterprise by 2020 through the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade.

Co-operatives around the world are also being encouraged to adopt the slogan as a permanent part of their marketing and promotional materials.

The slogan was created by the United Nations for the International Year of Co-operatives and has helped to bring the movement under a common identity.

At the ICA General Assembly in Manchester, President Dame Pauline Green said: “This UN International Year of Co-operatives has been a fabulous year. As I visited the movement across the world, I can’t help being struck by the impact. The impact of the logo and slogan, ‘Co-operative Enterprises Build a Better World’.

“It adds to our values, it adds publicly who we are. Never before in its history has the co-operative movement globally come together around a single logo and slogan, we have never been as cohesive as we are now.”


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