The message of the president: 2018 ICA General Assembly

10 Sep 2018

Since the General Assembly in Kuala Lumpur, the renewal of the whole governance body following the elections has created a new momentum to tackle our strategic and financial challenges, to give us the means to better meet the needs of our members and help raise the profile of cooperatives in all regions and sectors.

At the same time, the International Co-operative Alliance has begun reinforcing its presence in international fora. The ICA is making itself increasingly heard, and respected by society, governments and various institutional bodies (ILO, European Commission, B20, FAO and IFAD, among others) through various position papers and/or speeches.

The 2018 General Assembly, to be held on 21 October in Buenos Aires, will be the occasion to report on the structural and institutional developments over the past year. It will also be the place to interact directly with you, to work together, to assess the outlook of the future and to take decisions to secure the International Co-operative Alliance’s position for the medium and long term.

The General Assembly is the most important part of the structure of any cooperative. Therefore, your participation is needed to ensure the continued democratic and balanced development of our global organisation. As a member, you have a final say in decision-making!

Moreover, members and delegates are welcom and encouraged to participate in the V Summit of the Cooperatives of the Americas which will be held from 23 to 26 October 2018. This Summit will be a chance for the International Co-operative Alliance to position cooperatives front and center with policymakers at the highest level regarding the Sustainable Development Goals.

I look forward to seeing you in Buenos Aires.


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