2021 arrivals: INDCOSERVE from India and COOP-CAMEROON join the ICA in July

30 Jul 2021

The Tamil Nadu Small Tea Growers ICTFs Federation Ltd. (INDCOSERVE) from India and Alliance Coopératives Cameroun (COOP-CAMEROON) have joined the ICA  in July.

INDCOSERVE is India’s largest Tea Co-operative Federation whose members are 16 industrial tea factories. They are working with around 30,000 small tea farmers who are the members of the industrial tea factories, manufacturing about 13 million kgs of Black Tea annually. The value chain of INDCOSERVE includes sourcing of green tea leaves from its member growers, processing, distribution and trading operations. Set up in 1965 by the Government of Tamil Nadu, INDCOSERVE provides much needed guardianship to small tea growers in Nilgiris District as a catalyst. INDCOSERVE’s product range is marketed across the country and includes “Mountain Rose Tea (Leaf & Dust Grades)”, “BlueMont Tea (Premium Dust)” and “Ooty Tea” offered through “Fair Price Shops” under the Public Distribution System of Government of Tamil Nadu. Learn more about them from their website here.

COOP-CAMEROUN is the national association for the promotion and development of cooperatives in Cameroon. Learn more about them from their Facebook page here.

The ICA has now 323 member organisations from 112 countries, of which 281 are full members and 42 are Associate Members.

ICA membership figures July2021