Answer a survey to map cooperative initiatives empowering youth!

12 Aug 2018

The Youth Network of the International Co-operative Alliance is starting a global campaign to map all initiatives to empower youth through cooperatives. Two surveys have been launched.

Complete the survey to add your initiative to the map, help us show how much is being done! 

The surveys are addressed to 2 audiences:

1. youth coops:

2. support organisations for youth and/or the cooperative movement to include, train and generally empower youth:     

The responses will be used to populate a foundational database of youth cooperatives and cooperative initiatives for youth globally.

Why are we identifying youth cooperatives now? Because the Youth Network is organizing a large campaign to map and connect youth cooperatives around the world.

The starting point is this survey, which will be online until December the 1st, 2018, and the campaign will continue until July 2019 when we hold the first ever global cooperative youth event. 

Contact Gretchen Hacquard at if you have any questions.