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04 Mar 2020

The ICA-EU partnership on international cooperative development (#coops4dev?) celebrates its fourth anniversary with a brand-new website! ✨

Four years of intensive work to promote cooperative development

Following four intense years of dedicated and outstanding work to bring the cooperative model to the forefront of international development policies, the ICA-EU partnership wants to share with you the main outcomes developed by the coops4dev team across the four ICA regions and the global office.

A series of documentary films, programmes and events on youth entrepreneurship, new networks, high level conferences, trainings to ICA members, reports and publications on a wide range of topics, as well as an historic recognition within the new EU Consensus on Development, co-signed by the European Commission, Parliament and Council – it represents a real turning point for cooperative development. These activities constitute the main achievements of coops4dev since the ICA-EU Partnership kicked off in March 2016. All in all, the number and pace of activities is not only proof of a frenetic agenda, but also an innovative plan that aims to strengthen the role of cooperatives as a key development actor.

Cooperative Mapping and Legal Framework Analysis

In addition, the coops4dev website embeds an interactive global map that allows the user to consult the latest results of two exciting long-term research projects: a mapping of cooperative actors and a legal framework analysis.

Having entered the era of data and statistics, coops4dev has launched an ambitious initiative to map a variety of cooperative actors around the globe within the ICA membership, regardless of their size, turnover or sector. This project intends to offer an accurate picture of the cooperative context at national and regional levels, with the objective of better identifying the strengths and challenges of the cooperative movement and identify potential areas of action, such as partnerships, opportunities and advocacy.

The legal framework analysis provides in depth insights into cooperative law worldwide. It evaluates the national cooperative legislation, by analysing main characteristics and contents, with particular regard to regulations regarding the identity of cooperatives and its distinction from other types of enterprise. Given the fact that the national legal landscape is crucial to an enabling environment for cooperatives, this project will provide valuable input to advance advocacy initiatives on the promotion of regulations that can help cooperatives to develop and thrive.

More than a presentation card, more than a tool

This website contains, therefore, useful and interesting insights not only for the cooperative movement, but also to any person having a concern with international development, the Agenda 2020, entrepreneurship, social economy, cooperative law or those eager to plunge into a wealth of inspiring examples of cooperatives that have brought sound benefits to their communities through a people-centred and democratic approach.

The website is currently only in English, but in the upcoming months, content will also be available in Spanish and French.

Come and visit us to discover the world of cooperative development, and discover cooperatives offering solutions to build a fairer and more sustainable economy.




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