New members from Colombia and Honduras join the ICA in November 2019

18 Nov 2019

The International Cooperative Alliance is happy to welcome the Asociación Nacional de Fondos de Empleados (ANALFE) from Colombia and Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Educadores de Honduras Limitada (COACEHL Ltda.) from Honduras as a full Members in November 2019.

ANALFE is an association for the integration of employee funds, as mutual entities, the Colombian workers created to represent them before government entities, national and international organisations and private companies. It provides economic, technical assistance and social benefit services to its members. ANALFE grouped 550 member societies and 663,571 individual members as of 2018. 

COACEHL is positioned as the third most important cooperative in the country in relation to its total assets. The loan portfolio represents 81.15% of total assets. The cooperative serves a membership of 34,500 members, of which 25,273 are women and 8,977 are men with a membership of saving children of 4,740 is included. COACEHL is a cooperative regulated by the National Superior Council of Cooperatives (CONSUCOOP), to whom the financial information is sent monthly, as a result of this, the cooperative has been consecutively qualified as a number one organization to be a recipient of the Cooperative Stabilization Fund (FEC) which allows the organization to raise funds from cooperatives.

The ICA has now 309 member organisations of which 268 are full members and 41 are Associate Members from 109 countries

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