ICFO est une organisation sectorielle de l'Alliance coopérative internationale

L'Organisation internationale des coopératives de pêche (ICFO) est une organisation sectorielle créée pour promouvoir le développement des coopératives de pêche dans le monde, pour promouvoir le commerce, pour partager des matériels de formation et d'éducation coopératifs ainsi que des informations sur les questions de pêche.


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The International Fish Cooperative Organisation (ICFO) is a sectoral organisation established to promote the development of fisheries cooperatives around the world, to promote trade, to share co-operative training and education materials as well as information on fishery matters.

II. International Congress of Agriculture and Food

With growing economy, demands has became more than the world could cover and started to exceed the natural capacity of planet.


Money and Life: A Conversation whose time has come with filmmaker Katie Teague

We want to invite you not only to a very special movie screening of Money and Life, but also to become a part of a new, on-going local conversation about the future of money, exchange, and how we find

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Co-con 2012

International conference on co-operative law

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