Welcome to 2012.coop

Welcome to 2012.coop, the new website for the ICA

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We have decided to archive our old website, www.ica.coop and move to this new platform.

This is both a celebration of the International Year of Co-operatives and a step forward in our ability to offer you up-to-date news, resources and information from the co-operative movement.

After the International Year has ended, we will rename this new site as www.ica.coop and it will continue as our main website.

We have tried to migrate and update all the key information from our old website and place it within the pages of this one. If there is anything that you think is missing, or you would like to make any other comments regarding the new website please feel free to contact our Communications Team

At present the site is only available in English, but we are working on translations for French and Spanish too.

There are menus at the top and bottom of each page to help you find your way through the website. Alternatively you can use the "GO" bar above to search for anything you need.

We hope you like the new site.

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